Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sam Smith Concert at the Greek Theatre LA

For Jimmy's birthday I bought him Sam Smith tickets.  I remembered at Coachella Jimmy was so excited when Sam Smith when he came on during the Disclosure set as a guest.  I could recall his smile and energy as we pushed our way closer to the stage. 

When I learned that Sam Smith was coming to LA I hunted for tickets and only lucked out when Sam Smith released a second day.  I was day dreaming about keeping it a secret until we were in front of the venue.  A couple of weeks before the date, Jimmy asked me if I wanted to go to the concert because our friend had two extra tickets.  Well fuck.  The jig was up and I told him I got him tickets for his birthday.  So much for it being a surprise. 

We didn't take many pictures.  My iPhone 4S is terrible in low light, but the only important picture is the one of us.  Everything else I was able to snag off instagram.  Thank you hashtag and geotags!  The credit for these pictures are in the file name.
If only we were this close!  But Jimmy and I got pretty good seats.  Better seats than what our friends were offering.  Heehee.
Though I suppose no seat in the house is that terrible.  The Greek is a great outdoor venue.  Go LA!  Though there were these two really drunk older ladies.  One fell over when she tried to grab her phone when she dropped it in the row in front of her.  "Do you need help?" responded the tween in front of her.  Hilarious. 

Sam Smith had everyone pull out their cellphones to light up the theater.  Pretty magical.

I took this video. So sweet. Sam Smith announced that aside from Stevie Wonder he prefers female diva singers. Which is why he did that cover of Whitney Houston. He's amazing live - lots of chills.  Here is a longer version.

Afterward we enjoyed a slice of Strawberry Pie at House of Pies in Los Feliz until Prime Time for Lyft was over.  Happy Birthday Jimmy.

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