Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Recap

October is always a busy month with a ton of birthdays.  This is a recap of what happened!

Jimmy left his costco gummy vitamins in the car which caused it to melt into a wad
Charles reminded everyone how flexible he is
We finally threw away the frozen chicken that was in our freezer since 2009... made me sad because I'm sentimental

We celebrated JLo's Birthday at Grand Park during the Filipino Festival

We celebrated Steve's birthday by sort of playing a complicated game at his place.  We also played mafia and watched some tv.  Definitely more low key than usual.

For Erik's birthday we had a nice potluck... I didn't take any pictures but it was a surprise party.  It was something he needed since he doesn't think anyone would visit him at his new home in the Valley.

We supported Andrew's kickstarter for his film!

We visited San Jose.  Here is Jimmy near the San Jose state area

Alysia finally moved out of her place in where she had issues with the neighbors.   We got ice cream as a good bye to Whittier.  This place is so obnoxious to get to because our house was at one point of the triangle and her house was at the opposite end where the center of the hypotenuse was... if the highway path was represented by the triangle.


We did Ciclavia in East LA which was a lot of fun.

Eating Out October
Honey Badger Chicken Wings
Pizza Rev - Custom Pizza
Kazunori Sushi
Dan dan mien
Honey Badger Homemade Noodles
Coco Ichibanya Curry - level 4 is too spicy!
Ramen Burger - meh
Little Sister - Vermicelli Noodles
Hyperion Cafe - chilaquiles (meh)
China Chen (San Jose) - Surprisingly the only places that makes Bot Chien
Van's Bakery - Macaron Ice scream sandwich - Milk and Ceral with caramelized frosted flakes - AMAZING!

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