Friday, October 31, 2014

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

321 is an old Victorian house built in 1890.  It's a perfect setting for a Halloween party, but we never made the effort because we do Christmas.  This year we took advantage of the 5 blacklights that we had from Asian Glow to do an Asian Glow part II, but this time... spooky!

The spider webs glowed well under the black light.  I covered the kitchen ceiling with trash bags and made an intricate web.

We used neon yarn to make another spider web for the living room.  We cut out neon bats for wall and found dollar store glow things to put up.  I originally bought from Amazon, but the choices at the Dollar stores is amazing.  Never again!  Scotch tape also glows so I used that to line chairs so people could see where to sit.  A lot of work!

I was quite proud of the hallway.  It felt like a haunted ride to walk through.

I made it easy for people.  No halloween costume?  Just wear white and you'll glow!

But people still got creative.  That's a homemade Chipotle steak burrito.  It's medium rare!!

These unicorns were fun!

I handed out glow in the dark glasses.  Jimmy's pecs are pressing against his neon suspenders Oh my!

I reused the tree branch i dragged from downtown for our Chinese New Years party and made it spooky.

The photobooth was simple, but complex.  A camp fire!  With real wood and fabric undulating on top of a fan.  Pure brilliance.  Watch out for those spooky eyes.

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