Monday, September 1, 2014

XCIX Portland Trip - City Exploring

 Welcome to Portland.  I was creeping on this Zayn look-a-like after gay clubbing walking along the food carts.  So... Portland.

We've been meaning to take a trip and Portland became the destination.  It was Szeto's birthday and along with a local cake that I bought him, he indulged in artsy overpriced things that Portland has to offer like a wooden plunger.

We ended up at a full frontal gay club where Joe bought him a lap dance from someone who went by the name Aladdin.  We watched as Szeto grabbed the balcony rail for his life while he was getting jackhammered by the straight go-go boy.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Though I think it was more entertaining for us than it was for him.

I stayed with Sandy and surprise! she lives in a really cute 2 bedroom.  She turned her extra bedroom into a craft room slash bike room.  Her pull out bed was really comfortable!

Joe was happy to try the food carts that Portland was known for.  Though we missed out on the pubs and biscuits... which made him pretty upset.  We should have invested in a car because we were pretty downtown'd out.

A little hike with Diana!!!

This Whiskey bar had an amazing library.  It was pretty bougie, but pretty awesome.

 Of course - the boutiques and long haired man with his long haired pet.

Szeto and I got haircuts!

Everyone is so cute here.

These aren't that great.

We ate a lot of terrible places which I coulllld recap... okay.. let me open up my apps.

Howthorne Hophouse - Bar
Swift Lounge - Bar
Bungalow Bar - Bar with Swings?
Lonesome's Pizza - Drunk pizza
Mother's Bistro & Bar - Not that good breakfast and mimosas were not strong enough
Blue Star Donuts - Runs out quickly
Powell's City of Books - A large collections
Scandals - Divey gay bar
Multnomah Whisk{e}y Library - MMM
Departure - Hotel rooftop bougie
Luc Lac Vietnamese Kitchen - Terrible.  Terrible
The Silverado - Gay Strip Club
Bishops Barbershop - got a haircut!
Irving Street Kitchen - Terrible and over priced
Frank's Noodle House - Asian fair
McMenamins Kennedy School - Second time here.
Teardrop Lounge - Expensive cocktails for yuppies
Ken's Artisan Bakery - Local bakery
Art in the Pearl - Art fair for old people

Sorry Joe.  Next time we're going to pubs and Pine State biscuits.  Promise.  But let's remember the trip for the nature trip we took!

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