Saturday, September 6, 2014

321 - Dry Spell and Kickbacks

After I told Andrew that I had no plans Friday night he declared that we should just have a kick back.  So I posted on facebook and gathered some random folks to just hang out in our attic space.

We ended up drinking beer and singing youtube karaoke until 3AM.  I told Steve to bring his ukulele and we had a jam session with Jimmy's electronic keyboard.  I love how talented my friends are.  Hmmm I feel like listing out their musical talents.

Jimmy - Piano
Ryan - Cello
Sean - Shamisen
Steve of course has a music degree and plays ALL instruments
And the Filipinos just sing... or at least just grab the mic.

We did Somewhere over the Rainbow, Amazing Grace, some musicals, diva songs and this gem by Lady: Pussy.

We've held so many themed parties that I feel like it's time to slow it down and just stick to kick backs and hang outs like this.  I need to find more games to be excited about.  The glow in the dark Halloween Party and the epic Christmas party will probably our last for a while.  I do miss having Summer BBQs when we had a functioning patio, but I guess we have parks for that now.

The last party party we had was back in July.  It took us a while to come up with a Summer Theme:  Dry Spell.  Thought it was clever because of the California drought and how thirsty our friends are.  The other options were Heat Stroke, Dehydrated and Parched.   If we have a summer party next year, I want a citrus theme:  Lemonade.  The decorations are a lot easier for that.  I bought this stupid cactus wall decoration for $7 what a rip!

Andrew and Jlo have been killing it with the photo back drop.  Last year's radioactive set and candy crush was simply jaw dropping, but they took creativity to another level with this desert scene.  I couldn't believe it.  Check out our collection of props!

They actually bought black fabric and glued it onto another, but decided it looked too arts and crafts and did a second backdrop attempting using cardboard that had been spray painted back.  The giraffes make me fall in love.  I refused to waste the fabric so we hang it up in the hallway.  The house is becoming quite the hodgepodge of theme party decorations.  I was amused at myself for leaving up the Chinese New Year decorations.

Ernesto was surprised with a birthday cake!  He celebrated his 30th in France which is amazing.  But we thought that it would be good to show him the love at the party with his return.  Cheers Ern!  He admitted that it was the first time he was actually surprised for his birthday!

It was a good comfortable turn out.  Nothing crazy and a lot of good energy.  Just the way I like it.  There were tons of photo booth pictures, but we're the stars!   Let's get out of that drought!

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