Monday, June 9, 2014

Supporting Ernesto

Ern texted me after I attended his fundraiser show to say thank you for always supporting his dance through out the years.  Well of course.  When your friends have talent, you support them.  And what Ern does is pretty admirable.  The fundraiser was to help his Philippine Folk Art dance group Kayamanan get to France so that they could perform at the Festival International de Folklore de Chateau-Gombert ....  We got to sample the show and it was pretty epic.  I was able to snag some shots sitting on the ground near the front.

Ern bares it all.  He nailed the facial expressions

I don't know much about Filipino Folk Dance, but as you can see there's Spanish influence, tons of styles and lots of movement.

We're supporters!  

When the show was over, the DJ took over and Jlo and myself did our own Folk Dance called the Cupid Shuffle.  Life is complete.

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