Sunday, June 22, 2014

Father's Day Weekend

My company flew me up to the bay area for training.  I went a few days earlier to see my family and catch up with a couple of San Jose friends.  Instead of focusing on being efficient and doing/seeing as many things as possible, I concentrated on being present.  Which I can tell is all my parents really want when I visit them.

I was rewarded with homecooked Vietnamese food that my mom had prepared for me.  She also made her bun bo hue which I love with extra chili and fish sauce.  My savory taste buds were pleasantly shocked.

I've mentioned before that my parents let me decide on the restaurant when I visit.  On Father's day I made reservations 2 weeks in advance for a popular Burmese place.  Though my parents enjoyed the effort, it was too similar to Vietnamese food that it just felt off to them.  Everything was just too salty or too bland.  My dad even told the waitress, "this would be much better with fish sauce."  The waitress politely smiled and told her that she will let the chef know.  I sat there a bit awkward with my brother.  My dad felt like he was doing them a great service by making that suggestion.  I guess it can go in either way.

I gave my dad a Father's Day card which I rarely do and he got teary-eyed.  My parents always send me a birthday card and I finally provided one back to show that I loved them.  The gesture was greatly appreciated.  I guess I should send cards every year knowing that my parents are sentimental in that way.

Caitlin was also in town for the weekend from Idaho so we caught up for Father's Day.  Her dad actually cooked breakfast for us which a bit ironic.  Caitlin responded, "no no.. it's an honor for him to cook for us on Father's day."  So we enjoyed his famous pancakes and slices of bacon.

I'm pretty lucky to have multiple families to visit.

The better picture was taken inside, but I accidentally deleted it.  Caitlin's dad's beard is pretty epic.  I donated money to a charity he was fund raising for to see him shaven and it was weird. 

I got to visit JV and Andy for a random evening.  I was pretty drunk so I was giving them my thoughts on open relationships and threesomes.  It was like word vomit.

Danster gave me the idea for Burmese for Father's Day.  When I hung out with him and Tim he took me to another Burmese place to get these noodles.  It said that this dish is very comforting.  He loves it.  The rest of the day was spent ordering cheap boba.

Danster also showed me his favorite view in San Jose and took me around San Pedro Square which was pretty happening.   Lots of food and music for those who want to hang out until 11PM, but not drink.  

And Madeline.  Who I've known since middle school.  She moved back from So Cal months back and we shared this intense dessert.  

It was nice to be home for a bit and not really do crazy things.  

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