Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hidden Abbot Kinney

Obligatory street picture of palm trees to signify LA Life

Abbot Kinney is a great place to bring friends from out of town.  Lots of cute shops and fun places to eat.  Though what I discovered was a handful of hidden alleys that led to more shops!

 We started our day at Lemonade.  Jimmy loves their salad bar; I enjoyed their avocado tuna fish.  We met up with Tommy and Martin and took a stroll stopping by shops of interest with no intension of buying anything.  There are many little wooden signs along the street.  We almost missed a couple of shops, but luckily I looked up from my phone and ventured down what seemed to be secret paths.

We found a hat store, chocolate shop... clothing boutiques etc.

I was impressed with the use of outdoor space.  It seemed like each store was built to be both inside and outside.  The open space felt fresh and welcoming.

We spent a lot of time at the Tom's Shoe's brick and mortar store.  Way in the back was an awesome patio where we sat in the shade and rested.  I heard from a comic that west side does one thing really well: create life styles and "things."  It's not just Tom's Shoes.... it's a thing.  A life style.  Sushi is no longer just a food... it's a thing, a life style.. kombucha, soul cycle, naked yoga etc...  all of it.  It's like you're reborn again when you discover these hobbies, activities and objects.

Even this round about was cute

The homes around Abbot Kinney were ridiculously cute and beyond affordability.  It makes me wonder how... but old money could only be the explanation... otherwise only wealthy execs and entertainment king pins are the only ones can put up a high enough bid.

It was a nice visit to the west side

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