Tuesday, June 10, 2014

February House Party: Hayyyy - Lunar New Year Party

Ernesto said that 321 would make a very good anthropological study.  Such a subculture... the mysterious gay asian... what do they do?  what do they talk about?  what is important to them?  What is 321?  Lol... It's a gaysian frat house that throws parties, but as predicted we've slowed down as we've started to (kinda) grow up.

Our last house party was "What do Gay Horses Eat?  HAAAAAYYY"... a lunar new year party.  Year of the Horse celebration.  This happened back in February and the decorations are still up!?  I usually would schedule this post closer to when it happened, but thought it would be nice to relive it since it's been so long.  Also my hair looks great... you look great.  I did write about preparing and the trauma I experienced hunting for decorations.

I was excited to get everyone drunk off of Fireball shots and play Rage Cage, but I was more excited to introduce a gambling game to everyone.

There was no photobooth this time, but people actually brought coins to play Bầu Cua Cá Cọp.  I was so happy to share something cultural to our usual drunken house party festivities.  I was super hyper - I was yelling and encouraging everyone to bet their laundry money.  People seemed to enjoy it.  It was something different.

Group pictures in the living room
Chilling in my bedroom
Balcony and Hallway
These pictures were selected and edited by Jimmy for Facebook to share.  As I go through them.. it really does look like a worthwhile cultural study.  What is this community of friends... what do they all have in common?  Why do they seem to be having so much fun?

So much happiness

The night ended at 2AM somewhere in the 626....places are still open?!! .... fascinating.