Sunday, June 1, 2014

DTLA - Walking Around

 On a random weeknight, the boys took me out in DTLA.  I was able to knock out of a couple of to-dos which always makes me happy.

We started the night at Honeycut which is this small lounge / dance venue down an alley near LA Live.  There's always a line, but we were early enough.  I was actually surprised at how small the venue was, but we had a good time dancing away to random music and drinking artist-anal drinks.

This is the type of place that I would love to gay guerrilla bar.  Lots of straight energy that needs some jolting.

What I love about J.lo is that he loves to dance to any beat.  Latin beats are his favorite and I dance along while our bae sit and watch us awkwardly.  The light up dance floor at Honeycut makes for fun pictures.  Shake shake shake those hips.

Ghostly Andrew

 The night was a bit of a mixed bag.  There was an impossible line at the Standard hotel rooftop bar so we took a rest stop at Library bar.  We stopped by The Falls which spelled like BO.  We quickly left and discovered Peking Tavern hidden away on Spring Street.  You wouldn't know to go downstairs unless you saw their sandwich sign.  And bam... a glorious light night bar and restaurant.

Why Yes McKenzie, they have authentic Chinese food in DTLA at 1AM in the morning for a few bucks more than it should be, but that's okay considering the location!  A gastropub nonetheless.  You can read about it all here.

J.lo was a little buzzed and went up to flirt with the bartender to guess his age and ethnicity.  Chuckle chuckle.

Oh and next door to Peking Tavern is Crane's bar which is a dive bar except it has this crazy bank front entrance.  #hiddenLA I love it.

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