Tuesday, May 20, 2014

From Echo Park to Santa Monica

My wonderful boyfriend bought me a Nikon J1 for my birthday.  I was so surprised!  I took it for a test run in Echo Park while hanging out with Tommy.

I enjoyed a Salmon Tartine from Valerie Echo Park.  I love this local spot.  No lines, open seating and amazing food.  A hidden treasure, that's for sure.  I'm sad that Delilah's closed down, but Valerie is a nice replacement.

When I told my coworkers about walking around Echo Park they asked "were there a lot of homeless people?"  Sure... but there were also picnickers, joggers, brunchers (there's a brunch spot at the lake), dog walkers and paddle boaters.  If you're disgusted/scared of the neighborhoods east of La Brea, I welcome you to stay in West LA.  This amazing park is for me to enjoy.

The lotus blossoms are blooming.

I love this view of the downtown city scape with the fountain and paddle boats.

I do enjoy my time in Santa Monica when I visit Anthony and Jon.  These boyfriends hold wonderful parties inviting different people from all walks of life.  Their friends are very talented, charismatic and just good people.  We celebrated Anthony's PhD over the weekend!

He was serving longanisa hotdogs complete with sliced jalapeño, grilled onions, ketchup, mayo and bacon.  Probably one of the best hotdogs I've ever had.

Grill em!

Floral patterns are in.

I was allured by Ashley.  We posed in spread eagle.

Anthony's friends were in a band.  So we enjoyed some live music.

A little Beyonce.

Looks like I don't have to steal as many pictures anymore now that I have my own nice camera.  Muah.  I wuv this guy.