Friday, May 23, 2014

Finding Inspiration from Bruce

I have a slight headache because I just browsed through 5 years of blog content.  I was introduced to Bruce's blog and could not close the window until I finished.  Took me about half day.

I have not met him, but I enjoyed his stories about bike rides, camping trips, urban adventures and supper socials - Many things that I would love to emulate.

Below are some of my favorites:

Family Trip to Arizona and New Mexico
Decorating His Studio using Found Furniture
Walking Through a Tunnel Between Ktown and Culver City
Exploring Temecula
Camping at Buckhorn
Taking a Big Group to Catalina Island
Hot Springs in Bakersfield
Facilitating Community with a Neighborhood Block Party

His has found a community of do-ers.  People who love local adventure, who get married in random places, who work on various creative projects.  There's a lot of substance here - art, city appreciation, sustainability efforts, community building.  All of it is very admirable.

He has an email newsletter that lists events for the week.  I might just crash a couple before he moves to the East Coast and ask him to fix my bike.

There are a lot of blogs out there about backpackers, explorers, dare devils, but Bruce resonates with me because he's a Silverlake/Echo Park Gaysian blogging about his adventures.  Basically, he's the type of person that I want to be, doing things that I want to do... except bike everywhere and eat donuts (both activities are dangerous to me).

Time to clean up my blog - I've already started with better pictures.  Now to fill it with amazing adventures and activities!

Alright 2014 - let's try this again.  Let's look up to people instead of being bored and complacent and complaining about it TWICE on my blog.


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