Thursday, May 8, 2014

Eat, Drink, and Be.... Mary

Hamburger Mary's bingo night is pretty popular.  Drag Queen bingo!  It's a $20 buy in, but you get 10 games and a really great time.  We made reservations and got front row seats.

This is our bingo caller Drag Queen.  So fabulous.  And there's Phil enjoying his monster sided alcohol.

You can win prizes that include porn, coffee table books, trips... etc.  Things that were donated.  The proceeds go to charity which is great.  If you win, they make you run around the room while people throw their losing bingo sheet at you.  We won one round and now we have a house dildo.  Yay.

If you call a false bingo they slap your butt with paddle.  I captured this moment on instagram.

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