Monday, April 28, 2014

The Dark Horse Birthday

Charles' birthday was about to pass... without a celebration?  Not if I can help it.  After unnecessary brainstorming we came up with an Echo Park bar crawl starting at Gold's Room which serves an unheard of $4 beer + taco + tequila shot... you can imagine how this night was going to go.

"What's your favorite song right now Charles?"
"Dark Horse?"

A theme was born.

Andrew's sunburn gave him a cute cartoon-like blush.  Oh there's Charles... already there.  We guerilla gay bar-ed that place with at least 10 gaysians surround by latinos and hipsters... and latino hipsters.  Some of our weho gaysians didn't feel as comfortable in the space.  Come on!  Open your mind!

We were stuck in line for our second and last destination at Short Stop.  I've had my birthday here and I loved it.  Charles and I ran to the liquor store and bought everyone small bottles of hard liquor to drink in line.  It was brilliant and fun.  The bouncer caught us and told us not to bring them in.  Fair enough.  LOL

Once inside we kept the cheap drinks pouring Echo Park style.  Some RnB music came on.  I made eye contact with some girls and started to grind while their boy mates looked at us awkwardly.  I whispered "Im gay" to reassure them and continued to blow air on their chests and sway tightly for a song and a half.   I love dancing sensually.

One of Charles' friends asked me to find him.  I turned around and saw him trip on the step in front of the bar and fell in front of security and we got kicked out.  This is where I channeled the strength of 1000 men to control my birthday buddy who is a RUNNER.  My forearm was seriously sore from restraining him.

Somehow I got him home using a Lyft after chilling on someone's front yard.  The driver was so nervous that he would puke.  The highlight was when I sat him in the hallway at the house and told him not to move while I let our friends in.  I then heard a tumble and crash and there he was - upside down on the bottom of the stairway.

I was so angry I cussed him out.  "I TOLD YOU NOT TO FUCKING MOVE!"  Our friends were in shock.  I was a bit buzzed too and sooooo angry.  We created barricades to keep Charles from leaving the living room and he finally fell asleep.  He woke up the next day with a scratch on his cheek from his SECOND crash down the stairs that night.

Ugh.  Happy Birthday messy boy.

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