Thursday, April 3, 2014

MegaFail on Megabus

This is image is pretty dramatic, but that's what it felt like inside my stomach when I missed my bus to San Francisco by 3 minutes.  I spent hours laying out the logistics of my VERY last minute trip to the bay area - what time I would leave work, who I would meet up with, where I would eat.  Down to the second because ... that's me.  On my way to the station from work, I asked the bus driver if I should switch to the subway to avoid downtown traffic, he recommended that I just stay on the city bus that I was on.  I failed to inform him that I was in a rush.

It took me 1.5 hours to get to the downtown station and 5 minutes to disrupt my body chemistry.  Jimmy picked me up and made me feel better.  My mind was fine, but my stomach churned sharply.  A sensation that was neither nausea or indigestion.  Before this, I thought I could stay composed in intense situations such as when Jimmy though he was having a heart attach or when I was a life guard, but apparently not because this missed bus made my stomach do strange things.

It wasn't until I tweeted @megabus and wrote on their FB wall after eating dinner with Jimmy did I feel better.  YEAH! Justice!

But this situation really does show how comfortable my life has been when minor set backs like this upset me so harshly biologically.

The story:

Anyway - lesson learned.

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mich said...

i miss you chris.