Monday, April 7, 2014

April Trip to the Bay

View from Mony's Loft

I rarely go back to the bay, but this time Joe was in SF and it was an opportunity to see him.  So I got a bus... sort of... and found myself in San Francisco.

Mony works in hospitality so when I crawled into bed with him he kicked me out because I was wrinkling his sheets.  What a punk.

Anhimals was a part of the guest list too so we got ready for the Castro.  Here we are fidgeting with our hair.

We visited an apartment inhabited by creatives.  This guy bought some fiber optics from ebay and took it upon himself to get creative with the installation.

This is my absolute favorite picture of the boys.  They are my family.

Anhimals on the other hand is my lover.  

And JV is my little brother.

Well actually... this is my little brother.  :]  But JV is my other little brother.

...and my parents who don't seem to age.

Oh!  And my high school friends.

Until next time bay areeeeeaaaa...

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