Monday, March 24, 2014

Holi - Festival of Colors 2014

Almost missed the second annual Holi Festival in Norwalk.  Last year was amazing and I was hoping to experience the same this year.  But something about Jimmy not being able to go made it a little empty.  Plus, I've already experienced Holi so the novelty wore off.  What a debbie downer.  Next year I'm thinking about going in the later afternoon, the energy and light will be a little different.

I love going through pictures from photographers who brave the colors and bring their DSLRs.

John Truong, for example, makes this event look like a dream.  He has these amazing portraits that should be published.  SEE MORE.  He also did the Holi at Will Rogers Beach which I feel like I will crash next year so that I can finally use my bags of powered that I bought separately.  These bags were not welcome at the Norwalk event so that they could profile from you buying there.   There may be safety concerns too.

Other pictures:

When people ask about this event they say.. Oh the running thing... Yeah sure.  The Color Run.  Except without the running and with food, music and dancing.. aka... the festival the Color Run was based off of.  I've mentioned this before, but people gotta look up the origin of things.

My favorite pictures from instagram (credit in the file name).  Lots of hands!

And this is us:

Purple is the harshest color.  The boys had a good time.  When we took a shower, colors covered the drain like Carrie.