Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Vista Hermosa Park with Huan

Vista Hermosa Park is probably one of the most under used parks in LA.  Which is great, this park belongs to me and the community that surrounds it.  It's well maintained and has a spectacular view of downtown LA.  I day dream of having a nice party here using the neglected picnic benches.  There's a secluded section of the park which is perfect.

Huan was in town so we explored the hidden corners of the park.

There's a pretty awesome playground with a giant turtle structure meant for climbing... we took advantage of that.

At night, the view was even more spectacular.

Another neglected thing is La Cita's Sunday Bloody mary bar.  For six dollars you get all that vodka... and then you add your mix and toppings and bam!  A nice Sunday buzz in DTLA.  They have shrimp, bacon, cheese, olives.  Pure perfection.

A little dancing and street wandering.

And Korean military stew at 2AM.  One day I will smuggle a pack of ramen to add to this simple and delicious broth.

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