Monday, February 17, 2014

Seattle 2014

It was an impulsive purchase, but we snagged cheap plane tickets to Seattle and made it an extended weekend trip.  There was one nice day, but the rest of the time was gloomy.  But that's Seattle for you, rain and clouds.

I would probably enjoy living in Seattle.  I discovered that everyone in the Pacific Northwest is beyond friendly.  So nice and approachable.  As an Angelino I always have my guard up assuming everyone has a motive including myself.  It was refreshing to see people being polite, smile and put others before themselves.

We were major tourist.  This is what happens when you ask an old couple to take our photo in front of the space needle.  #nailedit

Pike's Public Market is a foodie's dream.  We went on a and we were pleasantly surprised by the things that we consumed.
  • Salmon jerky
  • Clam Chowder
  • Tea
  • Fresh donus
  • Sandwiches
  • Crab Cakes
It kept coming.  I realized the value of the tour.  If we had gone on our own we would have missed all of these wonderful places.  They also took us to this hidden public balcony pictured above. I highly recommend doing this tour, but look for a groupon-like deal!  

Charles also caught a fish, but I'm sure he's use to large slabs of meat flying at his face.  

This is such a great market.  I would fly back to Seattle just to hang out here during the day.  And to stuff my face.  Clam chowder will never be the same now that I've tasted Seattle's.

On the first night we discovered Purr Cocktail lounge.  This place was large, but had a local vibe.  On the third floor is this great hang out place that's perfect for board games or smoking hookah.  Look at those Indonesians.

We noticed these two gay guys following Erik.  Out of the bar they introduced themselves.  This is where Ern interjected. "By the way... he has a boyfriend."  In the sassiest voice ever.  I clutched my pearls and dashed across the street; I was so embarassed.  "What?!  I don't want to waste anybody's time."  Ern declared.  The boys walked back in awkwardly.  Seattle, meet LA gays.

We checked out R Place which was 18+ but the music was good and there was a hot Viet/Italian Gogo boy that had our attention.  He WERQ for his monAYY.

What do you do when you don't have reservations on Valentines Day?  Pray for good luck.  I logged on to Open Table and found a slot for 5 at 10PM at Skillet Diner.  BOOKED!  I was getting discouraged too, but this gem popped out of no where.

Mmmm really good fried chicken.  And what's this cocktail?  "hey girl.... heeeeeyyy"  I'll have two.  

We used Uber to get around.  We felt like stars.

Another night at Neighbors we found the only other group of gaysians and clung tight.  Just kidding.  We met up with Fobert who we knew from Berkeley.  We haven't spoken in years, but he was so sweet and welcoming. Must be that Pacific Northwest Hospitality!  By the way, people wait in line for the bartender... what!?

Charles and I wandered the empty streets.  Capital Hill is a cluster fuck later at night with so many bars and young people.  We saw a fight broke out.  Charles and I.. somehow ended up at this After Hours club where everyone looked drugged up.  Abort missiones!  We also all experienced a Seattle dog which has cream cheese in it.  Meh.  I like my LA Dirty Dogs.  Check out Charles conquer the bed meant for 5 after we pushed them together.

We missed out on checking out the library because it wasn't open, but we got a good glimpse of the outside.   We also got Serious Pie which was high in our to-do list. Yum!  Such a long painful wait thought.

Thanks for fun Seattle!  Eat you out later!

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