Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Portland - 2014

Portland was our next stop during our Pacific Northwest adventure.  We decided that crossing the boarder to Vancouver would eat too much of our time so we headed south instead.  

We rented a car and spent some hours on the road.  The one thing our trip was missing was visiting nature.  There's this beautiful waterfall called Multnomah Falls that I wish I had time to see.

We round ourselves Kennedy School which was converted into a hotel, bar, movie theater etc.  Each classroom was a guest room and the larger rooms and dining halls were converted to food and drink areas.  These bars were cleverly named: Detention.  Check out the site there are loads of pictures and stories about this unique venue.  The theater played old movies such as Princess Bride.Though the paintings hanging in the halls were a bit creepy and made the halls feel haunted.

The Boiler Room- very large and labyrinth-like using original radiators as decoration.
Detention Bar- whiskey bar and cigar smoking.
The Courtyard Restaurant -  looks like it was converted from the dining hall
Honors Room- another small bar
Cypress room- didn't get to check this out

We were hungry so we had dinner at Good Food Here food carts.  Mmm Norwegian food!  Though it was a bit too cold out and empty to enjoy.  It's like buying from a restaurant, but being forced to sit outside protested Jonnie.  This local was clearly over the food cart thing.  We quickly left for Powell Book store and a bar in downtown.

There is Sandy and Jonnie, our wonderful hosts, Charles making himself at home at the Ace Hotel and we snagged a corner table a Bailey's Taproom.  What next?  

We snuck onto Pittock Mansion to see the view at night.  Last time I explored this with Alysia was during the day.  The night hike was exhilarating.  You couldn't really see in front of you and I was worried about something jumping out at us.

Breathtaking view!

The next day we kept exploring.

Ern was in nerd heaven at The Hand Eye Supply store in Chinatown.

Portland's Voodoo donuts are like LA's Pink Hotdogs.  Only idiots go here to wait 2 hours for something they can buy at the grocery store.  I don't understand.

Sandy suggested that we check out a this Grand Marketplace vintage store with her which made for some fun pictures.  Really unique space and carefully selected and arranged items.

We ended our trip at Pok Pok.  This famous Thai restaurant.  The owner used to cook out of his garage and eventually it became popular enough to be turned into a restaurant.   Very delicious.  Expensive, but very yumz.

We had time to kill so we walked around Mississippi Avenue which reminded me of Silverlake but quickly losing charm with gentrification.  These new condos really stripped the neighborhood of personality.   The street was so much cuter when I visited with Alysia a few years back.

Portland is fun.  Slower paced and less crowded.  It's a quirky town that really takes its time.  

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