Thursday, February 27, 2014

Manhattan 2013

What makes Manhattan wonderful is the feeling of independence.  When visiting New York, I was happiest when I realized that I started my evening drunk and ended my evening still drunk running around town seeing different people because nothing was holding me back.

Huan and JonJon in front of Bryant park right before I hopped on the L train to see Carl in Williamsburg for his birthday.  But what was in my body?

...ramen, the cocktail pictured above called the East Side San Jose (Espolon tequilla, honey, lemon, muddled cucumber, sriracha), two cheap frozen margaritas that gave me intense brain freeze (I had to step outside for a minute to relax my head), the best beer I've had from Ippudo and 3 vodka soda.  The city was my toilet if I needed to evacuate the excessive amounts of liquid, but I was able to keep it down and my buzz up.  "Let's move here!" stated Jimmy.

We ate at...

Jeepney - Gourmet Filipino food
Shake Shack - Meh
Coppelia - AMAZING Cuban... but we were drunk
Ippudo West - Yum!  Jon Jon used to work there so we got some special treatment!
Prosperity Dumplings - Life changing.  So cheap.
Hot and Crusty - Quick bagel breakfast
The Halal Guys - "What's the big deal?!  It's chicken/rice and RANCH!"  Jimmy is not impressed even when drunk.  But that hot sauce though - send you to the emergency room
Congee Village - Geneticboi treated us out!  So sweet of him.
Cafe Henri - Charming and amazingly affordable brunch!  Eggs Benedict FTW!
Woorijip - What an idea, it's a grocery store.. with an eating area and you can drink.  So buy your beer and soju and drink it on the spot.  BRILLIANT.

Jimmy is my travel boyfriend.

My trip to NYC included a shit ton of eating, drinking and spending of course.  But luckily we were housed by JonJon/Huan the first few days in Washington Heights which saved us a ton of money.

New York tap water is delicious.   This is the area where Huan and Jon live.  They're the sweetest.

We were in Brooklyn a lot.  Jimmy checked out a museum; Williamsburg reminds me of Berkeley.  We did Smorgasburg which is alright, but the view is wonderful.  I refused to wait in line for that ramen burger.

We saw...
Chelsea Market
Brooklyn Museum
Juilliard School - Jimmy was really excited
FAO Schwarz Flagship Store - Played on the piano from the movie "Big"

Of course we walked along the Highline and stopped the traffic of tourists to take some pictures.  This particular stretch of the highline is very interesting as it weaves threw new and old buildings.

We checked out the Lady Gaga exhibit which was disappointing since we were hoping to see the Jeff Koons statue.  But there were interesting things such as old costumes and large cover art.

Where we partied

Stone Wall Inn - The drag queen bingo reader called us the Chess club... ironically, Joe was playing chess on his iPhone.
Rosemary's Green Tavern
Union Pool
Industry Bar
Griffin - Sunday gay night - open bar for one hour... hello HiddenNYC!  Did it right.
G Lounge - Amazing hip hop in a great venue... my type of gay bar.
Employees Only - Speakeasy? Crowded and stuffy and expensive... aka a speakeasy.. but I was thrilled to check one off this list inadvertently: 9 NYC Storefronts with Secret Identities.


Geneticboi wrote a sweet entry about our visit.  Looks like we had a handful of friends in common.  "DO WHAT YOU WANT WITH MY BODY!"  He yelled as we wandered the streets.  He was so happy to see us.  I was happy to meet him - a fellow, and really talented blogger.

Here, I'm encouraging my friends to get that action.

The last few evenings we spent with Joe who lives in the middle of it.  Like.. it.. walk out of his apartment and there are people everywhere in Hells Kitchen.  But also outside of his apartment was $1 pizza.  I was so happy.... it was the only thing I wanted.  $1 pizza, crisp New York water and drunken nights.  Well at least until we saw someone throw up in the subway.  We were running from the stream that was coming toward our feet.  I felt genuinely sorry for the guy that I didn't record him.

By the end of it, Jimmy retracted his declaration.  "Fuck public transportation, I miss my car."  We were over the harsh cold.  My throat was dry at the apartment, I was shivering in the streets, then claustrophobic and exposed to germs in the subway, cold again while walking and then HOT and sweaty at the bar/restaurant  destination with no where to put my coat.   Over it.   So back to California we go.

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