Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lucas who Uses Venmo is Cute as Fuck

People are confused about Lucas and a lot are creeped out, but man Lucas Chi, a real engineer of Venmo, is cute.  Maybe it's my love for Venmo... or maybe it's because I actually don't live in New York so I don't feel like the ads are intrusive, but I don't mind looking back at his face.

I pointed this out on facebook and I got an interesting response:

Man... how angry is this AngryAsian man who just finished his Asian American studies course on Asians in American Media.  He's really pushing it with the "finance" piece of it which makes me feel like he was just fishing for a reason to be upset at the campaign.

Hate "us".... interesting.  I didn't realize that these ads would resurrect racial turmoil.  I can just imagine the earth splitting into two in Manhattan with white people yelling with pitch forks.  "GO HOME YOU EMOTIONLESS SLANT EYE MONSTERS!  TAKE YOUR FINANCE APP WITH YOU!"

Bingo - this guy is insane.  Has no basis about what he's talking about.  Making up offensive stereotypes himself about what Asians getting their AA should look like.  I just really had to sit back and think... really?  

What a buzzkill - Can we just appreciate how cute Lucas is without dissecting preposterous social implications and hypothesizes about unrealistic backlash?  There are many many things for Asian Americans to be angry about, but let's not make ourselves sound ridiculous.

I wonder though, is this responder valid in his outcry?  Is racial tension that high on the other side of the country.  Regardless, my roommate made an observation - "this guy sounds self loathing."

On a similar note... actually not similar at all, I learned that the Hispanic community loves Speedy Gonzales.

On another similar note... note really I wrote a tumblr entry on Asians in gay web series:

Hunting Season... basically soft core porn so the playlist is appropriately available on PornHub:

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mike said...

it's impossible not to look at the add. at one point, i actually had to look all the add within the same train just to figure out what are they trying to sell...