Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Exploring the LA River

I really wanted to check out the bike trail along the LA River and dragged my friends out to explore. We specially walked along the greenway trail.  There are projects to revitalize the river to make it more appealing to the public, but for now it remains what a lot of LA is - Ugly Beautiful.

The LA River is all concrete, but there is vegetation and life in between.  The bike trail was intense but clearly underused.  One day I will take a bike out there.

We saw about 10 people total hiking, fishing and hanging out in the perfect weather on a Saturday.  So much neglect.

What's amazing to me was Highway 5 was separated by a small metal fence.  As we walked back to our parking spot, cars were going 70MPH - too close for comfort.  There was essentially nothing protecting us from disaster if a driver lost control of the wheel.

I'm excited to see what the LA River becomes starting with 6th Street bridge.  Like all the other dozens of projects happening in the city, it's going to take lots of time.  But this is the city to be in.


I'm starting to realize that I have a lot of sufficient looking pictures on my iPhone and I should stop stealing Jimmy's.  I should take the time and do some edits and create my own.  So far, I like the results.

But Jimmy's LA River photos are amazing - there are a couple of boyband pictures that he took that are quite amusing.

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