Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I Left My Boys in San Francisco

The view from Mony's appartment at 6AM when I had to catch the AMTRAK back to San Jose

I've been using the Umano app to listen to interesting articles during my commute to and from work.  Today, I listened to "Getting off the Google Bus" from London Review of Books which discussed the displacement of poor communities due to rising housing costs that are driven up by a richer class of tech people moving in.  These buses are a private solution that doesn't really benefit the public and is a symbol of privilege as they take up the space of bus stops without having to pay a government fee.  I usually refrain from really complaining about these things because I feel like just as responsible for the problem by working for a Tech company and living in a poor neighborhood.  But I do my part by paying very low rent, accepting the fact that my car was driven into and buying tamales from the local stores that have been around for decades.... right....

I was reminded of my adventure in San Francisco in November of last year.

I got dropped off in the Mission district... not the cool section of the Mission, but the area that was clinging to its Latino roots as possible.  It was like Westlake in LA - full of people and strollers and trash.  I met up with Matt for a light brunch to catch up on things and later met up with the boys for two rounds of overpriced Dim Sum in the Castro at Mama Ji's.  The workers were amused that we basically spent 3 hours there.  I was entertained by Mav's shade slinging; I was in the splash zone.

We found ourselves taking silly pictures while watching our friends play tennis in Dolores park.  These guys make me laugh.

Mony showed us the hotel that he works for and all of the bars that surround it.  He gave us some history while we had cocktails in multiple venues.  Mony was showing us his territory - the gentrifying part of the Tenderloin and I was pretty impressed.


Randomly had some Peruvian food for an 8PM dinner at Pisco Latin lounge.  Eric joined us for more cocktails.  We cabbed it back to Mony's place and took a fatty nap until Chris J. arrived to take us out around 11PM

I really wish I blogged about this sooner.  The details in-between are pretty blurry.  I just remember having a really wonderful time connecting with good friends and feeling like I was vacation splurging, exploring and drinking non stop.  I also remember being upset for not bringing my point and shoot.  These mobile pics suck a bunch.

I remember Mony opening up a bit and getting a text from him a couple days after saying how much fun he had.  Which is nice since Mony has a really high wall... at least with me.

I remember being in shock after paying $30 for late night Denny's because SF has about 5 addition taxes and fees.... and watching JV stress about a boy.  Nights like these.

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