Monday, January 27, 2014


I tried daily contacts and unfortunately wore them from 9AM to 2AM.  I had issues pealing them off my eye because the material was much thinner and my eyes were so dry.  It felt like I was trying to remove a piece of my eye with my fingers.  When I finally got it out, it felt like a scratch.  Oh fuck, I thought to myself, I must have scratched my cornea.  I looked up the heal time on line - 3 days, cool - I'll wait it out.

It felt like a piece of sand was trapped in my eye.  As the day went on I was very light sensitive.  I heard my mom's voice echo in my mind, "don't mess with your vision...." So I visited the optometrist across the street whom I found on Yelp.  Thanks Yelp!

As it turns out I actually had an eye infection...  a corneal ulcer - a divot on the top layer of my eye.  How terrifying, but only 4 drops of Tobramycin a day and it should clear up and I can wear contacts again and feel more confident in my looks in a week.

Wearing glasses to me is like wearing PJs - You wear them in the house or when ever you're lazy, but if you want to look your best you put on a pair of jeans.

Anyway, I returned to the optometrist to find that my eye has not completely healed after a week.  Which indicates a deeper scar. To prove this, my tech savvy optometrist took a picture of what he was seeing with his iPhone to share with me.

here's looking at you kid

That spot near the center of the black part of my eye is the scar that needs to heal before I can wear contacts again otherwise I'll get another inflammation.  Glasses for a a month.  UGH.

This what happened:

I have naturally dry eyes and my monthly Biofinity contacts were so moist and thick that I didn't have any issues; I've slept with them on until 3AM where I'm forced to remove in order to have a good nights sleep.  The dailys were cheaper and thinner and DRYER so my eye couldn't clear out the bacteria and particles when blinking.  The dry contact created a 9AM to 2AM environment for the infection to fester.... or it was all coincidence and I was bound to get this infection due to my terrible contact lens habits.

Point of the story:  Don't fuck with your vision and check out that cool picture of my eyeball.

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