Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Looking Forward to a Normal New Year

There's something satisfying about planning an efficient night.  During New Years Eve, Ern jokingly called me Mom because of all the logistical work that I handled for the evening.

12 people to manage. I ordered enough pizza that everyone enjoyed.  Tried out a new drinking game to agitate our livers, got a taxi to downtown, snuck in flasks (but double checked if security was going to pat us down by asking people on instagram who were already there #nyeLA), found the free bus to take us home safely.

I called my trusty Korean gypsy cab that charged us $10 a car to drive our drunk asses 2 miles to Grand Park where they were having their first ever New Years Celebration. We were among 18,000 people - they had to shut the entrance at 11:00PM because we were at max capacity. It was a success because we properly prepared, otherwise there was just a lot of lines, awkward music and sober cold people.  What made it interesting were the hand full of art installations that made for fun pictures.

Though the count down was a little anti climatic for me since we were in the PG section of the park and I was hoping for fireworks.

The holidays - a lot of things and feels during this awkward time.  So much work to finish or people you're obligated to see... or no one to see and too much time allotted.  Sickness, sadness, connection, love, appreciation.  There's just a lot going on and for the most part people are just shivering from the cold.

The only thing missing was Jimmy, but I wore the shirt he bought me for Christmas  - and we celebrated the morning of over ramen and a new coffee shop.   Things were normalizing - Jimmy has been struggling with this lately since his father was admitted into the hospital... "he will never be the same"  - I could hear Jimmy saying sadly.  I could also hear Jimmy crying out his brother's name over the phone when he heard the news which really stabbed at my heart.  For about 2.5 weeks Jimmy has been by his dad's side in the hospital to support him.   10 hours a day at the hospital was draining him, but when I saw Jimmy - he was happy.  It was as if he was able to escape the stress and just have a normal day with his boyfriend.

What does it mean to normalize?

For us, it means sleeping together at night.  Eating together during the day.  And finding something new to brag about like a coffee shop.  And with his family needing him right now, it's been hard for him to normalize since he's worried about therapy and insurance.  Thankfully his dad on route to full recovery.

Jimmy told me that he can't wait for the holidays to be over and now I understand what he meant.  And I agree with him because I'm looking forward to spending every normal day of 2014 with him.

Happy New Years!  Time to catch up!

Pictures taken from Instagram - photographer credit in the file name

The countdown:

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