Friday, January 31, 2014

Eating Out - January 2014

I'm really lucky to have a food companion.  Jimmy and I go on tons of food adventures and together we Eat out LA until all parties are completely satisfied.  We have our favorite spots like Kula Rotating Sushi bar to get our $2 plate fair quality fix.  We enjoy the occasional burger adventure like checking out the signature Umami Burgers from each locations.  We also do a lot of breakfast spots like Square One at the Boat House.  Nothing makes me happier.

I'm all over Yelp!   And I'm actually pretty impressed with what I consumed in January.  Here we go!

  • Mess Hall -  New American, Meh
  • Thai Lai - Vietnamese, Hawthorne, CA
  • Viet Place... forgot the name, but they had a great clam salad
  • Marugame Monzo - Japanese Udon, Negitoro Bowl, Little Tokyo, LA
  • The Roof on Wilshire - Mediocre brunch, amazing view, LA
  • Kanpai Ramen - Don't get tomato ramen, Glendale, LA
  • Raffis Place - Middle Eastern, Glendale
  • Tribal Cafe - For creative juices, sandwiches, grungy, LA
  • Neri's - Filipino Breakfast, Westlake, LA
  • Bea Bea's - Breakfast, Burbank
  • Noodle House in Ktown - for Jajameon, I can't find the name, but the portions are huge!
  • The Grids - Waffle Shop, Alhambra, CA

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