Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December Recap

During my trip back home around Christmas I did the following:

  • Hung out with Huan and his niece and played with these amazing knit plush animals his mom made
  • Had pizza and boba with Tim
  • Got drinks with Tim, Huan and Steve
  • Had Sushi with Madeline
  • Caught up in downtown San Jose with Madeline and Aaron - La Vics!
  • Went shopping with Joe and got Pho

Angel Brewery in Arts District is a great place to have birthday parties.  Large venue with cool vibe and cheap bear.  Love it.

Traveled up and down California with Alysia and her boyfriend.  Stopped by San Luis Obispo for some BBQ and got to sample Olive Oils off the 5

I learned that behind every great scientist and surgeon is Jesus... supervising.

WeHo Party pictures.

Checked out the Hungry Pig with Andrew.  He's my hand model.  This is probably the only interesting this I consumed this month aside from make your own personal pizza.


Christmas presents from Jimmy!  A Moleskine for the year of course and this amazing jacket and button up that's too cool for the rest of my wardrobe.  I need to buy boots to match this.  My sweetie.

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