Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Family Christmas - Kathy House

This year we celebrated Christmas at Kathy's house.  She recently bought an amazing home and wanted to take the opportunity to host the family event.  He home has cooloer lighting so the photos are less warm with yellow tint compared to Christmas parties traditionally at my parents house.  And Jimmy insisted that I take his street DSLR for a run.  I'm glad I did.  I was able to take some wonderful shots of my cousin's amazing setup.

My cousin Jessica rocked my taste buds with this brie + chili jam combo from Trader Joes.  Everyone was showing off their talents this year.

Crystal brought a cookie decorating contest.  These are the winners!

Cousin picture!

These rugrats used Uncle Wayne's belly as a slide.

Dinner feast!  Pretty epic.  I got the family nice and warm with Hot Toddies.

Present time!  I got my 3 lovely cousins work out tank tops with sayings that match their personalities.  I proclaimed, "I know your Keywords!"  They loved it.

Family picture!  I'm starting to see where I get my vanity from.  Check out my Dad and his sister posing!  Though my dad is actually making fun of my aunt with what Ernesto calls, "the triangle of insecurity" formed by the arm on the hip.

What's a diva home with out a shoe room?


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