Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Ignia Christmas Party

Remember everyone... when you cheers you have to look the other person directly in the eyes!

The party was hosted at my house and started off with a lovely game of Spades.

My mom made everyone baked chicken and Diana put together some Brussel Sprouts.  Yum!  

So much dessert!

Our Secret Santa is fun!  This year was the year of cooking supplies and books!  Smyr got his usual books from his book list.  He got creative with my gift and got me food books!  NOMZ!

We always have a White Elephant game.  This year I added 7 extra pieces to pair with the white elephant gifts that everyone brought as a bonus.  Check out my stockings!  They match my sweater.

I also gave out trinkets from Indonesia!  Small little whistles that turned out to be a hit.  A really obnoxious hit.

We played games into the night which included the Great IgBooty!  Which was our version of The Great Dalmuti.  

Merry Christmas friends.  I love that you're in my life.

The day after we appreciated the San Jose Art Museum to check out the Hidden Heroes: The Genius of Everyday Things exhibit.  The interactive site is pretty cool.

I adore those photos.

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