Saturday, October 26, 2013

Urban Jungle

Jimmy's birthday is the first of a billion libra celebrations in October.  For some reason a good handful of my friends are born in October and everyone battles for the weekends.  Jimmy's kept the tradition of having an outdoor picnic and this year it was prints and patterns themed at the LACMA; which was inspired by one of his favorite high fashion label Kenzo.  I bought jungle print snap bracelets as party favors.

2012 - Malibu Wine
2011 - Getty Picnic

Jimmy is trying to eat better so he demanded that I don't get him cupcakes this year.  So I got a little creative.

Let's zoom in....

That's right!  Fruity Pebbles and Maple Bacon Donut Holes from Cafe Dolce.  It's only fitting since it's the year of the donut apparently.

I was pretty impressed with the patterns that folks owned in their closets, but Ern wins with his cat print.

I asked folks to write what they were going to bring on the event page to prevent duplicates, but instead 5 separate people brought a bucket of fried chicken!!!  Couldn't let that go to waste, it was a painful week eating leftovers.  And it was also the day I realized that my skin color is fried chicken.

I wanted to sit near the Urban Lights installation, but Jimmy preferred to be further from the crowd so that we can drink without worry.  Which worked out - Charles and I made mojitos and stored them in cute mason jars I got from Target.

Me, Jon and Alysia.  We've known each other since high school.  Steve, Erik and Jimmy the Indonesians and Hannah and Cindy our favorite lesbian couple.  You can see the mason jar in Jimmy's hand.  I didn't get a chance to take a pretty picture of it.

We decided to take a class photo.  These kids represent our core group of friends which we've made in Los Angeles.  The first shot is Sorority, Second is 90's pointing to the same direction which I messed up and the last was a gang sign.

Jimmy wanted simple, easy and fun for his birthday.  And potluck picnics are always successful.
Happy 27th Birthday Jimmy!

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