Friday, July 5, 2013

Palm Springs

I definitely appreciate it when others plan a trip and invite me along.  I've never really took a vacation in Palm Springs, but now I see why it’s so enjoyable.  Why would anyone have a good time in the desert?  It was a nice calm retreat the involved BBQ, pools, drinking and just being silly in an amazing house.  We got the AirBnB hook up.

When we arrived, we screamed like One Direction fans.  The house is beautiful.

That night we went gay clubbing at Hunters.  There was a underwear contest which was composed of very sad looking individuals, meth addicts and folks in their late 60s. One point of the night this older man commented on how excited he was that there was a group of Asians around him.  Since we were 3 rounds in, JLo approached him to say that he was being inappropriate.  To this he responded, “I can’t help it that you’re so beautiful.”  Wow.

JLo - is really delicate though

I was really frustrated with my camera that night, everything was in Macro, but I got some very interesting shots!

We paraded down the streets without our shirts because we were in the desert.  Life was good at that moment.

Jimmy had a vision to reenact the Chanel Spring/Summer 2013 fashion shoot.  We had a good time with this one.


Fourth of July was festive with sparklers and patriotic accessories.  We were too far to see fireworks, but drunk enough to see our own stars.

We had one more day.  We were so close to going to the desert zoo, but thankfully we found Soak City.  It felt pretty local as in very small.  

This was probably one of my favorite summer moments.  Especially since the boys kept on cooking!!

 And Karaoke-ing

...and joking.

And relaxing.

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