Monday, July 1, 2013

June Recap

I'm writing a June recap 6 months after it happened.  Sad face, but there were three fun events worth mentioning and remembering.


I never really celebrated pride.  In the past, I would just go to SF and find the Asian corner and say hi to friends and party in the evening.  A lot of people participate in day drinking, but I never really thought to.  This year I just enjoyed a Filipino breakfast at Manila Sunset and decided to hit up the Barnsdell park.  We noticed large groups of women... surprise it's Dyke Day!  We joined in by trying out some double dutch and saying hi to our lovely hot lesbian friend Cindy.  In the evening we let loose and did a little booty shaking with this random shirtless guy... so.. Happy Pride.

Andrew BBQ

Andrew's family lives in the Larchmont area.  When they go out of town, Andrew offers their place for a BBQ.  What do we do during these BBQs?

Karaoke, Cards Against Humanity, Youtube and a R&B Piano Jam session

 I caught David posting a ridiculous Selfie on instagram so I decided to make fun of him.  Got Charles involved too!


Grand Park released a summer schedule.  I jumped on the Hairspray dancealong event which encouraged pinic-ers to learn the dance moves to do along with the movie that was being projected.

I made a facebook event and got really into it.  My friends humored me.

Looks like Charles is over it.  Everyone do the Tail Feather!!

It was a lovely LA Summer Evening.

I told my coworkers who live in Santa Monica about Grand Park and they responded in disgust you mean the one with all the bums?  Yes.. that's the one... now stay west of the 405 where you belong.  DTLA in mine.

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