Monday, December 31, 2012

Thanksgiving - Gangnam Style

My dad is obsessed with Psy's Gangnam style.  When I visited on Thanksgiving I found my dad trotting through the house doing the dance.  He got all of us to doing it.

While visiting my grandma's grave, he got Mom to do it too with incents in her hand.

Aside from that Thanksgiving was nothing far from the usual.  We visited Grandma which involves cleaning her tombstone, placing incents all around, prayer and burning things for her to use in the afterlife.  Paper money is the usual, but this year we bought paper fabric to burn.  We wrote her name on all the sheets so that they would get properly delivered to her spirit.  I learned that this is a huge industry - people are burning paper laptops and paper cars to send to their late loved ones.

My auntie always hosts and provides a huge turkey.  All American feast is served. 

And we always take our cousin photos... this year in the style of Gangnam.

 AYYYY Sexy lady!

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