Sunday, November 4, 2012

Spooky October

Walking Dead Hunting the Terrified
Halloween is inconsistent.  Sometimes there's a party, sometimes there's a great costume, but most of the time it's stressing last minute for a clever costume and wearing last year's outfit to go to a crappy event.

It feels forced.  Like oh - we're supposed to go out because it's Halloween.  I blame the endless October birthdays that prevent me from thinking this one through, but I'd say this year was good.

Thanks to Amazon Local I discovered Haunted Hollywood Sports.  The first time this year, they took a giant paintball field and transformed it into 4 terrifying themed mazes and 3 "kill houses" where you can actually shoot at the monsters.  They incorporated the paintball course and added flare and blood.  This is the first time I've ever gone to a haunted house and it was amazing.

I could feel my heart beat quickly as I was preparing myself for things to jump out at me through the fog.  Though what made it fun was going with Charles who was kept screaming... because of that he was a target.  The minute we walked into our first maze it was pitch black and Charles turns around declaring, "okay I cant do this."  But we proceeded after pushing him in front.  We went early October so there was no crowd like at Knott's Scary Farm or Queen Mary... so it was extra intimate and extra scary... we felt like we were there by ourselves.

City of Angels - a maze themed like apocalyptic los angeles (though it just looked like east side)
The Abduction - alien themed
Cannibal Caverns - farm house of terror
The other maze was closed due to mud.

This place was so elaborate.  The decorations were perfect.  They made us walk though a broken down bus while things jumped out at us.  We witnessed alien pods and operation tables.  It was straight out of a movie.

At one point the redneck cannibals were scream, "WRONG WAYYY" they said this 10 times before one of them broke character, "seriously guys, you're going the wrong way."  Because of rain, I slipped on the mud and Charles ran into a guard wire and broke it because he thought he was being chased.  I couldn't stop laughing.

The actors were committed.  One threw up in front of me.

 We didn't take pictures inside the mazes because we didn't want to ruin the experience, but we were able to grab a photo with this demon in between mazes.

The Friday before Halloween I reached out to everyone for something interesting to do.  I found The Forge through a coworker/Sriracha Bottle.  The Forge is a creative work space North of Downtown.  For $13 we got an open bar and a good night with artists and creatives.

There was a live band and ballet performance.  There was a nice dance floor with random indie and electro rock.

...AND A BOUNCY HOUSE!  Which we had control of for a couple of minutes before this guy came in and fell against the wall almost knocking the house over.  That was our cue to get out.

Jessica Parker and a Mermaid pinata made an appearance.   The boys claimed that it was probably one of the best Halloween parties they've gone to.  Surprise, there's a whole world outside of WeHo... please help me look.

Saturday Night we celebrated Steve's 90's Rave themed birthday/Halloween party.  I stuck with the original theme with my hair split in the center like Nick Carter or Roger from Sister Sister.  Jimmy was an Urban Mickey Mouse and Sean and Charles are hipster Peter Pan and pirate.  Amazing what you can do with things found around the house.

Halloween night was spent at Ern's watching a scary movie.  Sadly they didn't have Drag Me to Hell on netflix.  That's my favorite!!  And no pumpkin carving this year.  Bitches always leave their pumpkins to rot at my house.  pSHAw.

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