Monday, November 5, 2012

September Recap

The picture reminds me of what I love about my LA life.  This is the parking lot of my local grocery store.  It's probably 2AM after clubbing and we were hungry.  Taco Zone has been our savior for the best  drunken quesadilla and the hipsters in line seem to agree.  They have lined up while we wait for our order to come out.  This is where we meet interesting people approaching them with easy since we had a handful of drinks and really didn't care at that point.

This is where Charles touched a black girls hair and I reprimanded him, "You do NOT touch a black girls hair!"  The girls were amused.  This is where I was way too friendly with a Vietnamese guy asking him about his trip to the motherland.  This is where I wanted to yell, "the red handkerchief in your back pocket means you're into fisting you stupid hipster."  This is where we end our nights if we can't make it to the 626 for turnip cake.

This is my mom and dad visiting me.  I promised to take them to amazing BBQ and thought Road to Seoul was perfect... only it took an hour and we were starving.  Though to my relief they said it was worth it.  I tease my parents for loving suburb life where chain restaurants rule the roads- "what's for dinner? Outback?"  I wanted to make sure they enjoyed K-town.  Here they are dancing to a hip hop song blasting on the speakers.  I realized that I was old when my brother did the dougie flawlessly and I could barely catch a beat.  When they come back, I'm taking them to Thai-town where the atmosphere is less chaotic.

Sam planned a gallery visit... an Adventure Time gallery visit at Nucleus.  The artwork got me into the show.  After 10 episodes, the oddity that made the show addicting became normal and I became bored and moved on.  But the art and color of the show are really eye catching.  The fan art is amazing.

We went to Huntington Beach to visit our friend Sam.  I really like this photo - it's candid.  And my legs are placed at just the right spot.  If only there was a way to remove that distracting woman in the background.  The photo would be perfect.

There, much better, don't you think?  Sometimes I think I'm too skillful for my own good.

Found myself at GameBoiSF - and I'm never returning.  But I had fun that night with my new shirt.  Do you guys see anything unusual about it??   No?

Well, I flipped my collar inward to make a new gay appropriate v-neck from a polo.  No one called me out.  What did I say about SKILLZ !?!  I'm a chameleon BITCH!

Ended up at 6 Flags Magic Mountain for their gay day with two other couples and a 7th wheel.  Warm night, short lines, drag performance... my kind of Friday.  Looks like Erik doesn't like being rear ended.

God, we really like sit.  We look like cats sharing a litter box.

Charles: Happy Birthday!
Host: Actually ... It's a moving out party

Second hand embarrassment strikes again for Charles...

Charles takes my camera and takes about 10 pictures of himself doing duckface.  Well charles, I'm making a collage and putting this on facebook.

Unsure what I'm looking at here.

I took a amateur "tour of SF" where the guide literally showed us the mansion where she grew up in Pacific Heights.  She pointed out her private school which is terribly difficult to get into and of course asked us if we needed to use the restroom at the Yacht club which she was a part of.   I think at one point she stopped talking and let the diamond on her hand speak while she rested.

Watched Sean do his thing at Tuesday Night Cafe.  He was a natural MC.  A lot of talent and community.  If you're looking to be empowered, check this shiz out.

Gonna save my San Diego adventure of another entry where I had tacos from Tijuana which were almost as good as the tacos in Echo Park.

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