Monday, November 5, 2012

San Diego Trip

Erik started off the Libra birthday blitz by celebrating in San Diego on September 29th.  Click here for Erik's bday details.  While being close to the border I learned a handful of things.

1. I should stop shopping at H&M.  Found a couple of other gaysians with this shirt.  About to burn it.

2.  I'm not that bad at the grill.  I BBQ'd an amazing stack of ribs.  After the meat is cooked, glaze the top in bbq sauce and flip the rack of ribs for 5 minutes to let the sugar caramelize. 1000 man points!

3.  This is just a pretty picture

4. My knees have not completely become useless

5.  I LOVE THESE photo face things!  Well, I already knew that.

6. Dora

7. Tacos in Mexico are almost as good as Tacos in Los Angeles... and the same price... when you don't speak Spanish

8.  The original Taco Bell.... looks like this.  I think.

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