Saturday, October 6, 2012

Disjointed General Update

This is me at a random high end clothing store on Melrose during Fashion week taking advantage of the free champagne and snacks.  Great event for people watching and an opportunity to walk into these stores to just look around and not feel too judged because you have no intention of purchasing anything.  Each item is priced higher than my monthly rent.

My mom warned me about the garbage that I was putting into my system and I'm paying for it now.  Heartburn, cramping, bloating... I didn't know my body was going to deteriorate so quickly.  And I'm starting to get a flat tire above my flat tire which makes it very uncomfortable to sit because of how overweight I've become.  It's making me very sad to feel the ripples in my body.

I can say that traffic is a blessing in disguise.  My new commute to my new job is 30 minutes in the morning and 1.5 hours in the evening.  What better way to wait out traffic at night than to take advantage of the office gym.  I've gone once and already feel much better.

Though what do I do in traffic beside wither away?  I fall asleep.  I zone out about nothing.  I call my mom to listen to her say she misses me. I delete songs from my iPod that no longer carry any meaning or entertainment. I day dream about building a 20 mile long tunnel from my house to my job. God, what a waste of time.

I'm trying to buy more grown up clothes and realized that if I pay a little more, I can find stuff that's actually flattering on my body.

With my pay raise I feel like I need to buy more things.  But what?  What a first world problem to have.  Christmas shopping! I should start uber early.

Maybe I should get an iPhone 5.  But what for?  A better camera?  That's the only reason.  Seriously.  The ONLY reason.

I've been MIA because I've been obsessed with my new job.  They treat me well, I can work at home on Fridays.  I can fly up to SF whenever I want (expensed).  Lunch is catered every Monday.  I can wear flip flops. OMG, I can wear FLIP FLOPS.  This is called, employee happiness.  When they treat you well, you work harder.  And I'm not going to lie. I'm a rockstar at my job.  I jumped from 5 accounts to 49.  No problem.  Give me more.

Here's a $3000 purse from Alexander McQueen.  Makes me vomit.


Luuworld said...

deteriorating body?! well, it doesn't show on the picture, you look good! congrats on the new job. sounds nice.

fran said...

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