Wednesday, August 1, 2012

SummerTramp 2012

"The Anti-LA Pool Party."  The last Sunday of the month a bar parking lot is astro-turfed and adorned with pools, slides and DJs.  Tramps pour in.

900 free jello shots
Heineken Sponsored
Free Vitamin water and Monster

This event has exploded since the first event 3 years ago.  Lots of people are dressed to be seen.

We claimed a spot and stuck to it and enjoyed good people watching.  We're just normal sun soakers.  Fabulous photo booth.

The water slide is always fun.  It was a bit too slippery so we slipped right off of it.

Tommy found a duck to ride

They got creative with the porta potties.  Peep-a-boo said the power bottom.

As the party got crazy, we packed our bags.

We escorted ourselves out.  #shameless street strutting in a speedo.  But check out the back muscles on this pink short wonder.

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