Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Olympic Flame

It's been months since I've hosted a party and this passed/past Saturday was perfect for an Olympic theme!  We encouraged everyone to dress up and to my surprise most people participated.  Though I guess some folks cheated by just wearing gym clothes per my recommendation.

I got really creative with the decorations and I'm quite proud of myself for the innovation.  Though I was inspired by pinterest.  The party supply stores gave me nothing; it was the dollar stores that gave me the gold.

The Olympic rings hanging in the living room and in the photobooth are made from wreaths wrapped in streamers and hung from the ceiling with string.  I printed out flags and found medals as party favors.  I was also able to print out the official Olympic torch and added streamers to simulate fire.

I also turned the hallway into a faux swimming lane line by adding flags across the walls and blue lights along the floor.

The athletes that attended:

Marathon runners

Tennis Players


Crazy Fans

Studly Wrestler


The IOC Chairman

Table Tennis

Soccer Player


Track People


Swimmers and Divers

"I was completely unprepared for the amount of bulges and camel toes I saw last night....thank you." commented one of the guests.  Yes,  Olympics or Gay Porn.

The party turned into a drink, chat and take hilarious photos sort of party ... wait I think that's the usual 321 formula.  Pretty good for planning this in one week.  One thing missing:  the Olympics playing on the TV.  We couldn't get our old TV Tube to work.  Almost.

Go for the GOLD!

Photo edits by my wrestler lover.

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thwany said...

HAHAH these photos are hilarious---it looks like your party was a hit.