Sunday, August 5, 2012

Discovering LA Festivals (Hester, Bloomfest, Renegade Craft)

Outdoor Movie Screenings

Los Angeles LOVES Outdoor Movie screenings.  You don't understand... the city is IN LOVE with the idea of turning a parking lot, field of grass, cemetery into a screening of classic movies through the summer.  BYOLC  (Bring your own lawn chair.)

Cinespia - sit on the dead at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, enjoy a movie
Devil's Night Drive-In - park your car downtown, enjoy a "drive-in" movie
Street Food Cinema - Stuff your face with overpriced food truck food, enjoy a movie
Silverlake Picture Show - Sit on the street painted green that simulates a hipster park... and enjoy a movie

There's a shit ton more in various neighborhoods showing random things. Very LA... like food trucks, DJs, photo booths once someone hears how easy it is to rent the equipment, the urban sprawl goes crazy.  Calm your nerves LA, we don't need a DJ at the cupcake shop, we don't need foodtrucks at the Promenade which already has tons of restaurants, we don't need photo booths at random house parties... wait.. never mind on the last one.

Anyway, closer to my heart is festivals during the summer.

Hester Street Fair - Hollywood Indie Night Market

Under the Hollywood lights, we found ourselves in a parking lot with the usual vendors and foodtrucks.  The lightbulbs strung back and forth caught my eye as well as the illuminating palm tree.  The spice booth was so fragrant and Charles lucked out with two cute shirts from the poster vendor that I see at every festival.

Looking forward to the Indie Design Market on August 18th.


Checked out the Bloomfest with Sean in the Art District of downtown LA.  This area is covered with amazing street art.  Great neighborhood to just walk around, but don't go too far, you'll hit skid row.  There was some live music, but I didn't get a chance to stick around that long.

 Renegade Craft Fair

Unicorn Crafts had this cute booth with cardboard cutouts.  Photo booth ideas!  I love this free event at LA State Historic Park.  I believe it's my 3rd time going (2011, 2010) .  I grabbed some etsy-like magnets for folks and headed out before the sun got too aggressive.

These festivals were a bit similar to one another.  I need to find me some cultural festivals.

Searching for a Community

During these festivals, I took notice of people with SLR cameras snapping pictures of the same things I was with my point and shoot, but at a different more artistic angle: crouching down, leaning forward, zooming as close as possible, doing the splits... basically looking ridiculous so that their pictures look cooler than mine.... at all costs.

I thought to myself, where do these pictures go?  I did some research and used the festivals as my keywords and the tools of the internet to find interesting people who probably live down the street.

Google Blog Search - Though a more refined search through google made sense, most of the blogs featured were actually news articles with no personal spin, which wasn't what I was looking for.

Flickr Search - Nothing, what a mess of a site.

Blog Catalogue and Blog Lovin' - Nothing

Tumblr Tag Search -  I found an overwhelming amount of tagged posts.  I filtered out the tinyboppers and subscribed to the tumblr's that resinated: KriziaphotoBassanio GratianoAlways Within NeverJfluxlyJam0Anything and Everything.  And this why the #hashtag has been so important in an effort discover more.

I've gone through all of these people's post to determine if they were worth following and I'm excited to have found some Angelinos who are obsessed with exploring their city and sharing their stories.

Friends would ask me how I would find these random blogs online; simply, you have to look.  I also realized that "hidden gem" and "hole in the wall" make great yelp! keyword searches when I'm looking for unique places to eat.

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athena said...

These photos are cool! Movie watching in a parking lot is not at all bad especially if it has reliable lighting fixtures.