Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dancing in June

I've been focusing on looking for a new job, getting a new job, training for the new job and doing the new job that I have put blogging on the back burner.  This is no good.

Though I'm not a good blogger, this is my detox.  My goal for the night is to close June even though September is in a couple of days.

In a way, being late forces me to look back on what I did months before selecting my favorite pictures to write about.

In June, I discovered that I was successful in doing a lot of random things, but most of them involved dancing in the street.

We participated in the free Dance Downtown by the Music Center in downtown LA.  We attended Bhangra lessons and twisted our elbows into the night sky following the energy of the instructor who was in the middle of the floor.  At one moment I was in the center imitating her fluid movements under the lanterns.  Love.  Need to continue to do these next year - 70's and 80's night!

Grand Performances was also hosting a Dirty Dancing Movie Screening Dance-a-long!  20 minutes before the screening they taught us some simple dance moves to perform along with the movie during the closing scene.  Also, during the movie, there were actual dancers imitating the dance that we showing on the screen.  This movie has become one of my favorites.   What a classic!

Dina had the urge to celebrate her birthday at Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney.  She asked us to dress up.  So I wore my giraffe print shirt and socks.  She had zebra stockings and Sarah wore a Cheetah print top.  Their friend was a cow.

Once again I was on the dance floor randomly on the streets following along to live music.  I should really take up partner dance lessons.  I really like it.

Wow.  Really drunk Karaoke, but that led to some intense dancing slash scream.

Above is a collection of unflattering karaoke faces.

"Hey Girl, whathcu gonna sing next?"


I also did a lot of sitting at places that have been on my to-do list for such a long time!!!

Finally visited Ali Mama Cafe - a Turkish Hookah bar in Silverlake.  Had a good time trying to pass smoke from each other's mouths.  Looks like he's sucking his SOUL!

We hit up Heu one night for their awesome Pineapple Soju served in a Pineapple pitcher and apple cups.  The apple cups were delicious!!  Charles' cousin was there so we got some "service." because she was a hot korean girl.  Service, pronounced "ser VISS" is code for ON THE HOUSE things... 3 extra pitchers of soju!! Girls are useful!

We also sat down and got entertained by Steve and his collection of exotic musical instruments which he plays fluently... fluently?  fluently. The Ruan, Pipa and his newest - the Harp.

We walked around the Arts District downtown and found some interesting corners.

Random making for a hip hop music video.  It's all coming together now.

Found another JR piece!
June is now closed!  WEEE!

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