Tuesday, July 17, 2012

When You're Ready

Canon sd1000 sd750 100hs
Retail Therapy

I don't spend much on anything.  Maybe food, but I rarely go to places that are ranked higher than 2 dollar symbols on yelp unless it's through my work. I have a laptop and a point and shoot camera. And I probably buy a new shirt once a season.  I'm trying to think of the most expensive thing I own, but nothing comes to mind besides the two mentioned electronics... and maybe my iPhone 3G.  

I've gone through 3 Canon Point and Shoot Cameras since 2005.  Lost my first one in the bushes jumping parties in college.  The second one was dropped too many times.  The third one was actually Jimmy's.  During Bay to Breakers this year, the lens barrel jammed for no reason.  I could not fix it with compressed air so I invested in a new 100HS.  I really don't like the "Smart Auto" feature which determines the best presetting.  But it's more like a Dumb Auto since it thinks you want to be in macro and 1/3 of the pictures come out blurry.  Can there just be a normal auto please?  Anyway...

The other things that I own are sentimental trinkets or stuff that no one wants anymore like old clothes/furniture from friends and garage sales... So when I think of "retail therapy" I wonder what I could purchase that would make me feel better about my day/life.  I also think about how buying things would just clutter my room.




Jimmy's computer sits in a little cubby space in our room.  It's not mobile because the monitor hinge is cracked so the screen can't stay up without leaning on something.  The battery is dead and the power cord can only charge at a certain angle.  Forget about the DVD/CD drive.  He borrows my computer to burn music CDs because his car doesn't have an AUX port OR Tape player.

I hate that there was a time of about 2 years where new cars were built without the proper ports to play MP3 players.

Jimmy sits in his cave using a computer that he's had since college editing photos and applying for jobs until he goes insane from cabin fever.  The device is going to die despite how much he takes care of it. And I was waiting for the day he lost all of his data. For him, he can't just replace a computer...  that's a luxury that he does not have.


grateful eyes
When You're Ready

When I came home from work last Monday I surprised Jimmy with a new HP laptop.  In a card I told him that I turned down an opportunity in New York.

The opportunity was an internal move within my company on a beer brand as a project manager.  But they couldn't meet my salary request nor did they offer relocation compensation.  I was relieved that my company made my decision easy by being so cheap.  To live in New York was never a life goal and even though Jimmy told me he would follow me, I knew that he couldn't.  And what I would be leaving behind wasn't worth it.

He told me he couldn't accept the laptop, but I told him that it's for his career.  So that he's motivated to apply, build his portfolio, be inspired so that he doesn't have to worry about keeping up with everyone.  It's a present to celebrate us and a reflection of both of our efforts to improve our lives, our careers and our relationship.

...and one day when we're BOTH ready, we can move to somewhere new and exciting.  But for now, Los Angeles is our home especially since we have keys to a pool. #LASunShine


the immigayrant said...

You guys are lovely.

Anonymous said...

from your professional standpoint, how tolerant is your industry/field towards nontraditional students? I started college late and will be graduating at 27. I do have prior work experience, of course.. I'm just worried about age discrimination

Anonymous said...

I love this post!!!

Thomás said...

This brought tears to my eyes <3

Luuworld said...

why are you not my boyfriend? i need a new computer. or at least an ipad. hoho