Monday, July 16, 2012

Superhero Sake Bomb

It was my 27th birthday back in May and this is how I celebrated.

I made reservations at Tokyo Delves in North Hollywood.  This "sushi bar" in notorious for being rowdy and ridiculous.   I've been here once and I've always wanted to return since it's a pretty unique experience.  When I heard they were having a superhero show I made capes for everyone using dollar tree table cloths.  This is what I learned from Key Club!

Looks good!

We were waiting in line and got some awesome looks.  "whatchu want" or as Mav puts it, "it's a cape hun" to a g-thug passerby-er.

People don't come here for the sushi.  They come here for the sake bombs and ridiculous atmosphere!  We got about 7 mini kegs.

Everyone else looked pretty normal.  Yawnerz!  I'm sure my friends were really glad I made them wear capes.

Everyone is encouraged to drink.  The waiters shout at you to do another bomb.  Everyone is yelling and cheering!

I wasn't the only one having a birthday.  They called about 12 people who were also celebrating to get up on the chairs and have a dance off.  Ern, my gay yoda, whispered some amazing advice when I made it to the second round.  "Body Rolls, you MUST!"

So that's what I did.  Body rolls on top of your sushi rolls and Andrew sticking dollars in my pants for about 3 minutes until I almost fell off. Yes, there's a video... somewhere hah hah. I was competing against some slutty girls, but all eyes were on me since you can't ignore when someone is on fire.. gay fire that is.  We were also a large group of gaysians wearing capes.

I won the dance off!  Got a free shirt and bragging rights.  WooHoo! Take that!

North Hollywood is known to have a lot of dance studios.  This waitress came over to twerk it with Sean.

Stop everything and do the cupid shuffle!!!! "To the Right to the Right to the Right!"  God I love this!

Made some black and white friends.  Say wahhhhh.

Can you find the "straight" and the "mid laughter" group picture?

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