Monday, July 16, 2012


My work place does a good job at celebrating people's birthdays.  Your cube gets decorated with streamers, balloons and printed pictures of photos or things you like.  We love burning color toner.

Decorations more often than not stay up for a long time.  So folks wait until their birthday for others to decorate their cube for them.

A balloon octopus to match her octopus tattoo and a really good photoshop-ed mural of her as Martha Stewart.  Creepy.  Her floor was lined with black tarp to simulate the sea.

Folks get really creative with the streamers.  I guess this the person who did this was also an interior designer.  A very elegant approach.

The note on her desk read, "if you move any of these balloons, you are fired.  Please make sure to complete all your work."

For my assistant, we turned his cube into an app store and put in an extra desk.  "your cube mate is here!"  We tricked him all day.  We also convinced him that there was an Oprah sighting, only to turn around to say happy birthday.  He shouted, "NO!!!" like it was the worst news of his life.

The remains of my birthday - Batman themed madness.  It was pretty amazing.

My colorful view.

I also helped turn my other assistant's desk into a night club, complete with lights and VIP table.

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