Monday, July 16, 2012

Furry Animals

Bay to Breakers is my favorite.  It's an early morning street parade with costumes and outrageous street activities. There is so much interaction.  I love it.

In 2010 we wore booty shorts!
In 2011 we were gay military! MUAH!
In 2012 we were furry animals!!

It's tradition that we party the night before and stay hammered through the next day.  We found ourselves at Bench and Bar in Downtown Oakland where we mingled with the gay black community.  I felt like I was in Noah's Ark!  Before that, the boys treated me out to Homeroom for my birfday....yay!!  

Okay, time to prepare:

We are experts.  Hide the alcohol in a camel back and you are good for the day.  Perfectly concealed in your furry outfit.  In my bag was vodka soda with a splash of cran.  Szeto had whiskey... I think. R. E. A. D. Y. Ready!

This was the longest wait for the BART ever.  I was so excited to just get there.  We had missed the first train by 2 minutes!  Everyone off at Civic Center by 9AM and you're good to go!

It's impossible to see everything, but I felt this year was a little bit more tame with the ban of floats and visible alcohol.  Hide that shiz.  Those kids in orange hats were gatorades... I don't think they appreciated me yelling "TROLLS!" at them.

MC Hammer dance was definitely a highlight.  Every 20 minutes this group of people dressed in golden parachute would do the STOP Hammer Time routine.

I had extra confetti canons from Chinese New Years.  I found the perfect place to pop them at the Panhandle where everyone was dancing.  The crowd reaction was brilliant.

Next year: more canons!

Break time.  I was looking for my friend's house to grab a quick drink, but couldnt find it.

Break's over!  Dance party now!!!!!!  It's easy to just chat with strangers; especially when you are offering food.

Fierce and ferocious!

We crashed a house party and I told everyone to act like they belonged there.  Jimmy successfully stole some alcohol.  Joe failed at playing smooth.

This is what happens when you drink so early in the morning.

Okay bus!  Take us home!!!

Until next time San Francisco!

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