Thursday, July 5, 2012

Big Bay Bust

View from the 27th Floor

I took an epic trip to San Diego to view the famous Big Bay Boom for the Fourth of July.  We grabbed burgers to go and set up a picnic area in front of our viewing window at the Hyatt.  I was prepared for a great Fourth of July away from crowds, bad parking and uncomfortable waiting.  I noticed the ~500K hordes of people waiting in the streets from all points of the bay.

All of a sudden fireworks shot into the sky from three ships illuminating our view for 10 seconds.  "Wow!" I proclaimed, "I've never seen a fireworks like that before.  I never really enjoyed fireworks, but that was amazing!" For 10 minutes, car alarms went off as they were jolted by the sonic boom. And in a few minutes I discovered why.

We turned on the radio to discover that San Diego bay had shot all of its load prematurely due to an electrical glitch. Someone is getting fired! Fail 'Merrrica.

This answers the question:  What would it look like if thousands of fireworks went off at once?

Dang Jubilee!

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