Sunday, June 10, 2012

Reverse Charades

Preparing for the word to act out

Back in March JV introduced me to this amazing game called Reverse Charades that you can buy for your iPad.  Instead of everyone guessing what ONE person is acting, everyone else is acting while one person guesses.  This requires a lot of teamwork and a lot creative thinking, but the results are hilarious.  The below photo is my favorite.  Can you guess what we are trying to act out?


Pirate, Lasik, Mistletoe, Doggy Pile

I lost it when an opposing team tried to act Goldilocks and the Three Bears and they weren't able to work together so there were too many Goldilocks and no bears.

We also played celebrity, I set up a minibar and we wished JV a happy birthday!

(In the picture above we were trying to act out claustrophobic.  Pat on the back if you got it.)

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