Friday, June 15, 2012

Normal June

I'll get back to April/May, but the first couple of weeks of June have been steady.

 I've been without a Point and Shoot and have felt very naked for a while.  Did some retail therapy and bought a canon 100HS which was affordable at $110 so if I broke it I wouldn't be as crushed if I had invested in the canon S100 which is probably the best point and shoot in the line.

Jimmy helped me figure out the best settings to use and within a week I dropped it.

Brought my camera to birthday karaoke where I witnessed the birthday boy vomit next to the trash can while everyone continued to sing.  I guess Wicked songs were a tad more important than helping a buddy out.   The room smelled so rancid, but the songs kept coming for at least another half hour.  I was a bit astounded at the dedication.  Good thing the bf was there for boyfriend duty.  Good job.  When BF thanked me for coming, I noticed sincerity in his eyes.  Glad I came too!  Thanks for the dinobites.

Happy birthday!  The cake was delicious.. from Gelson's, but that's a secret.  Jolly good fun.

I hung out with Ern at his lesbian nest watching Alien to prepare for Prometheus.  When he wasn't looking I took his Spiced Chai powder and other various Trader Joe goods.  Sorry bout it.  Sort of in love with the actress Noomi Rapace who's really good at playing a victimized female overcoming adversity from a male dominated society/planet.  What's next Noomi?  I'm thinking Spy movie... slutty Spy movie... how many guns can you fit in your stockings?

Got a text from Erik about trying out some bomb-ass mole from Guelaguetza.   Never thought I would like it, but damn it was so good.  Even better with a blackboard deal.  Sort of a brainfuck though: Korean facade on the outside, Autentica comida Oaxaquena on the inside with a live band.

I opted out of the mescal, but did have a sample.  Like tequila, but from the earth Ern described.  My mango margarita was smooth enough for me.

It feels good to have a camera in my hands.  The camera phone shiz wasn't cutting it and I like weighing my pants down with electronics.

We're midway through 2012.  I have no clue what's next, but I guess we'll just keep coasting along.

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