Friday, June 15, 2012

Eating Out April

I tweeted this morning that I was upset at my body for not being about to properly digest my favorite things: cheesy, spicy and alcoholic things.  That doesnt stop me from eating out LA.

I'm no stranger to Ethiopian food, but it was a better experience going with an ethiopian princess.  We checked out Messob Ethiopian Restaurant in Ethiopian town.

I learned from last time not to go clubbing after having ethiopian food because of the expanding sponge bread.  This time I learned about gursha.. the Ethiopian custom of hand feeding each other.  How flattering.  Ethiopian coffee was also delicious.

Fogo de Chao is known for their amazing all you can eat Brazilian BBQ.  For the price, I wasn't too impressed.  The meat quality was the same as Pampas Grill at the Grove.  All you can eat?  These meats were so heavy, I just couldn't eat that much.  (unlike korean bbq where the meat slices are way thinner- asians understand portion control).  The Brazilian cheese bread?  That's another story.  I wanted to stash dozens in my purse.

Not really food, but I checked out Nic's Vodka box where we tasted some good shiz.  Love the fogged up glasses.

The moment we stepped into Singapore, we found a Laksa place and I almost fell out of my seat at how delicious it was.  We went hunting for some comparable in LA and arrived at Yazmin.  Not the same!!  I miss Singapore food!!  Though I bookmarked some other places that I need to check out.

Singapore also had amazing Hainanese chicken rice.  Savoy kitchen is best known for this dish and they do it right!  Only difference - in Singapore the rice is doused in amazing chicken fat adding so much flavor.  You need to ask for the sauce buckets at Savoy, but that chilly and ginger goodness will daze you.

Tiki-Ti Cocktail Lounge haunted me every time I drove by it on Sunset.  Questions like, what is it?  Why is there a line?  When can I go?  have all been answered.  It's a small hawaiian themed bar with dozens of customized tropical drinks!  Each one carefully crafted by the bartender.  Get the "Ooga booga" and we will have to shout "ooga booga," every time he shakes the bottle.  Great joint for a group of three or less.  It's a tiny place!

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